Big Bang
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Hublot Big Bang with papers year of manufacture 2013, 44 mm diameter with ceramic bezel in elegant pink gold finish in like new condition.






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Yes, from 2013


like new




1 Year

Hublot's breakthrough

Big Bang

The Big Bang combines the classic Hublot design of the porthole with a modern-looking chronograph. It is an icon which has helped shape the watch design of the 21st century.

Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship


Founded in 1980 by the Italian Carlo Crocco, the luxury watch brand Hublot (French: "porthole") is based in Nyon, Switzerland. The company founder succeeded in combining Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship. Thanks to clever marketing strategies and unusual concepts, Hublot became the "rising star" among Swiss watch manufacturers.

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Hublot Big Bang

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Papers included

like new

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