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Collectors item Patek Philippe Chronograph, reference 5070J with box and papers in condition like new.



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Brand Passion

Complications Collection

Building watches with complications is the supreme discipline of the high art of watchmaking and has a long tradition at Patek Philippe. To this day, the brand is a leader in this field and demonstrates true inventive talent with over 80 patents.

The emblem of chivalry

The Calatrava Cross

The Calatrava cross has been the official emblem of the brand since 1887 and was engraved on the cases of many Patek Philippe pocket watches years earlier. As a devout Catholic Antoine Patek knew the meaning of the symbol: The cross is the emblem of the Knights of Calatrava. The Order of Knights was founded in 1158 from a Catholic monastic order after its members had saved the Spanish castle of Calatrava from the Arab invasion.

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Patek Philippe Chronograph

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Weekly Business

When I think back to the watch experiences of my childhood, there is always one detail that comes to mind that has stuck with me: the little aluminum plate bent around the strap of my father's watch, on which a monthly calendar was printed.

Discontinued - Part II

When I wrote about the end of the Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel, I couldn't imagine that I would have to write such an article again only a few weeks later. This time, however, it hit me much harder. Because this time it was about the Royal Oak.