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Jaeger Le Coultre Master Perpetual in as-new condition. The elegant look of the Master Perpetual is inspired by the classic designs of the golden age of watchmaking in the 1950s. Jaeger le Coultre's Master series is named after the legendary 1000-hour test, a six-week series of rigorous tests that every Master watch must undergo to ensure optimal performance and quality control. The 1000-hour test is even longer than the COSC test and is one of the most comprehensive in watchmaking, demonstrating Jaeger-LeCoultre's commitment to excellence.






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Founded in 1833 in the Vallée de Joux by the brothers Charles-Antoine and Ulysee LeCoultre, the brand was the first to scale watch production in the famous watchmaking valley of the Jura mountains and soon employed over 500 master watchmakers. They were well known for producing excellent movements and parts and supplied well-known brands such as Patek Philippe. Fascinated by the flat movements of the Frenchman Edmund Jaeger, the two Manufactures merged in 1937 and launched the Jaeger-LeCoultre success story.

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Jaeger Le Coultre Master Perpetual

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