Classic Fusion Chronograph
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Sporty and elegant Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph in like new condition. ___________________________________________________________________ Please use the "Request now" button to submit your bid. This auction is for the benefit of "Licht ins Dunkel" and "Pink Ribbon".






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In favor of "Licht ins Dunkel" and "Pink Ribbon"

Timelounge Charity Auction

After last year's overwhelming success - we were able to pass on a total donation of €-237,900 to LICHT INS DUNKEL and PINK RIBBON - we want to set a special example again this year and make a special contribution to people who desperately need help in these difficult times! Our event this year will once again be dedicated to LICHT INS DUNKEL and Pink Ribbon (an initiative of the Austrian Cancer Aid) and our donations will be divided equally between these two important organizations. Please use the "Request now" button to submit your bid.

Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship


Founded in 1980 by the Italian Carlo Crocco, the luxury watch brand Hublot (French: "porthole") is based in Nyon, Switzerland. The company founder succeeded in combining Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship. Thanks to clever marketing strategies and unusual concepts, Hublot became the "rising star" among Swiss watch manufacturers.

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Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph

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Auktion zugunsten LICHT INS DUNKEL

CHARITY - AUKTION Ausgabe 2 am 29. November 2023! Die TIMELOUNGE spendet wieder 16 wunderschöne Uhren, deren Erlös an LICHT INS DUNKEL und PINK RIBBON gespendet wird!

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You can probably say pretty much anything about the watch year 2023, but not that it lacks excitement. After the great hype of recent years, watch prices are still falling to a fairly comfortable level. Nevertheless, at least among the new breed of watch investors, a little panic is spreading here and there due to this unfamiliar situation.